Spotify vs iTunes

A lot of clients have asked me what I think think of Spotify. As a Music Lover, I have always had a vast array of CD's in my Music Library. Even back in my college days, I still made efforts to buy a couple of CD's every month. The day will come where we can't even purchase CD's anymore. In more recent years I went through the whole iTunes thing, purchasing CD's, copying them into iTunes, then evolved into downloading music without the original CD in hand. Looking back, it was so much hassle, and every time I changed/upgraded my Laptop or phone, it took ages to get all my music back.

Nowadays, I use Spotify. So simple and convenient. I don't download music anymore, you could argue, I don't own my music, I just stream all the songs I want, but I'm not limited to a CD budget any longer, I have access to so much more. When I signed up first I got it as part of my Mobile Phone package from Vodafone and I recently let it run out, but man am I going to sign back up! The €9.99 subscription fee per month is so worth it. Unlimited (although I think my Father In Law reached the limit), music playlists. The free version has some drawbacks in that it doesn't allow you play specific songs, you have to Shuffle Play the songs in your playlists, you can only do 6 skips, it seems like the audio quality isn't as good, and every 3 or 4 songs there are audio adverts. The subscription version has none of these drawbacks and I can literally play any song I like, any time, anywhere. I can also make my playlists available off-line so even if I don't have a WiFi or 3G connection, I can still get my music. I aActually listen to Spotify more than the radio in the car anymore.

It's my iPod in the Cloud - I love it. Highly recommended.

And if you wanted to use Spotify in your Retail Outlet / Pharmacy, I don't see why not. Simple to sign up and is probably much cheaper than other In-Store music options. You'd still have to Pay your IMRO and PPI charges but you'd be paying those already so Spotify would just give you a broader range of songs to choose from. I would however be careful to keep your In-Store Playlists free from "Explicit" lyrics, simple to do when you assemble the playlists yourself.

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