iOS9 - The best iOS ever!

That's in my opinion anyway! Last week I downloaded and installed iOS9 onto my iPhone5 (it's not an S can you believe!). For those of you who are avid iPhone lovers, you'll know that the Battery life is one of its' achiles heels. Well not anymore! I've had my iPhone for over 2 years and I've had a couple of occasions where I had to reset it because I was having to charge the battery twice a day. You know how it is, can't go anywhere without a charger cable in the laptop case or another one in the car cigarette lighter!

I'm not joking when I say that after iOS9 went onto my phone, there's a couple of new really cool features that Apple introduced for saving battery power:

Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh

Turn that OFF!

And if you want to extend battery life even further...

Settings >> Battery >> Low Power Mode

I actually get a whole day on my phone without charging it now! And I talk on it.... A LOT!

Super stuff Apple

If you need advice or assistance upgrading to iOS on your Apple device, please give us a call!

#iOS9 #Apple #Battery

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